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Why Us?

Why “Advanced Aero Solutions”?

Our experts, trainer, mentors, consultants here at

“Advanced Aero Solutions”

are passionate about Aviation and especially about solution finding for AIS-2-AIM issues.

Consultancy and guidance we are pushing to the limits both in terms of customer satisfaction and success, reaching your goals.

While we like to be on the cutting edge, we believe there is a difference between consultancy and innovative, success-centric consultancy and that it’s our job to figure  out    which is which.

Instead of creating just another assistance, we set out to do something different and we think you’ll agree that we do just that.

Allow us to introduce

“Advanced Aero Solutions”

your trusted partner in aviation business and creative solution finding

Get in contact today!

Feel invited to shoot us an email.

Contact Egyptian Branch

Advanced Aero Solutions Ltd.

P.O.Box 3017

El-salam Post Office

Cairo, Egypt

Phone +20 101 332 3869


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