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The move from AIS to AIM towards SWIM is complex for any organization as it requires the development of new expertise and the implementation of new technologies and processes. The new operational concept will differ from one organization to another, depending on the existing know-how and technology as well as future plans and resources.

AAS has the capabilities and experience to develop tailor-made operational concept descriptions for aeronautical organizations, and can provide valuable consulting services for the transition from AIS to AIM towards SWIM,

 Using the following tools:  

  • GAP Analysis (GAP PhysicalDiagnoses & Familiarization)
  • Implementation Support
  • Safety Assessments
  • Master Plans and Roadmaps
  • National AIM Plan
  • System Procurement and Tenders
  • AIXM, eAIP
  • Project Management
  • AIM Helpdesk
  • Recruitment and Selection Process for AIS/AIM Staff
  • Transition Assessment and Measurement
  • Re-Structuring of AIM Unit
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